US air strike destroys 238 IS oil trucks in Syria

Newsroom24x7 Desk

SyriaSyria : A US air strike has bombarded and destroyed more than 238 fuel trucks controlled by Islamic State (IS) militants in north-east Syria, according to the reports released by the US military. The trucks had been parked together, closely knit in a location, tempting the strike to take it all in one go. The US military first fired warning shots, with the objective to separate men and people from the oil barrels, and as they succeeded in driving them away, the air strikes positioned themselves upon the oil trucks and brought them to flames. The trucks were supposedly taking refill of oil near al-Hasakah and Dayr Az Zawr. The pilots found the trucks back-to-back and took the aim.

Major funding for IS comes from oil trade as IS has been taking control of oil facilities left, right and centre from around the geography of the so-called Ismalic state and IS has been successfully minting moolah from oil supply to regions outside Syria. IS makes large amounts of money from oil it produces from seized facilities. US Department of Defense has informed that it would release video of the air raid, which took place over the weekend. Earlier last week, another 116 tankers were destroyed in a previous air strike. Both the strikes of mass oil destruction were attacks of similar pattern, which began with a leaflet drop to warn drivers demanding them to disperse away from the oil containers.

A US-led coalition began a campaign of air strikes in Syria and Iraq in 2014, after IS took large parts of both countries. The oil lorry strikes are part of Operation Tidal Wave II, which is a change in tactics on the part of the coalition. Previously, petrol supplies were largely avoided because of the impact on civilian populations. However, a series of terror attacks in Paris 10 days ago for which IS claimed responsibility made them ask for it and they got it in the form of intensified air campaign in recent days.


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