India is a model of Inclusiveness – Richard Verma

Newsroom24x7 Desk

Richard VermaMumbai : US ambassador to India spoke on India-US cooperation on terrorism at Mumbai and expressed the US perspective on India’s stand on terrorism with particular reference to Islamic terrorism which has plagued all nations worldwide.Appreciating the secular thread of India, and the country’s ability to bring along all communities of varied religions together, Verma said thet the inclusive model of the country has been a great catalyst in keeping Indian Muslims from staying away and not getting swayed into joining terror outfit Islamic State. When one of the media persons asked of his opinion on how the headcount of Indians joining such outfits stands fortunately at such low numbers, he said — India has been a model of inclusiveness.

When asked to present his views on his assessment of threat perception of the dreaded terror group to India, Verma said it was a matter which came under the Indian administrative jurisdiction and it was for Indian officials to address that question. He added — But as President (Barack) Obama said, this is a serious threat and we intend to intensify our strategies and it will require diligent efforts from all levels.

Sharing a view on how to manage the expanse of terrorism by containing it, Verma said, for countering terrorism in mega-cities, governments must create an ecosystem of cohesion and inclusivity. We have to get to the root causes of unrest. As cities grow bigger here is a potential that certain sections of population become disaffected and frustrated. So there is an importance of good governance.

The US Ambassador also spoke of India-US cooperation on terrorism front including ‘shutting of the terror outfits finances and networks.’

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