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February 26, 2018

FBI warns Italy of terror attacks on its historic monuments

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vaticanWashington, DC : Italy increased security at its historic monuments in the Vatican, Rome and Milan after a warning from the FBI of possible jihadist attacks, according to information gathered by media reports since Wednesday. A latest update revealed, security alerts were raised and tightening of surveillance and tracking of suspicious movements began since morning around the places like Saint Peter’s Square, Milan’s Duomo cathedral and the famous Scala opera house. FBI raised alerts of these places finding place in the suspected target list of possible targets, and these places were flagged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as sensitive zones requiring security upgradation. This information was further attached with another list of five potentially dangerous individuals in Italy, who wrer reportedly getting tracked for suspicious movements and were kept under strict tracking radar.

The information did not include details about any specific plots, as reported by media, however, the list of places and suspects did bring the Italian administration into prompt action which began taking urgent and important steps to ensure safety of citizens and historic monuments alike. Italy stepped up security in the aftermath of last week’s Paris attacks, with the Vatican and Rome in particular seen as potential targets for Islamist militants.

The Isis group’s propaganda outlets have threatened the home of the Catholic Church, though Italian officials say they have never received evidence of a credible, specific plot to bomb the Italian capital or other sensitive zones within the state.

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