Modi wins NRI hearts at Wembley

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modi at wembleyLondon : Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a gala entry into the Wembley stadium at London, where thousands of non-resident Indians had gathered to cheer up the Indian Prime Minister’s live interaction with the Indian diaspora settled in that part of the globe.

PM Modi addressed a large gathering of more than 70,000 NRIs and spoke his heart out, in the language of the countrymen, who longed to hear a home bred PM speak to them at such close quarters. As PM Modi began his words of connect, the audience clapped and shouted slogans chanting the name ‘Modi, Modi’ amidst applause, enthusiasm and vibrance.

PM Modi conveyed to the global audience, what they wanted to hear — be it the rise of India as a promising country under the leadership of a digitally enabled PM Modi, or the make in India aspirations which has begun to take shape in the one and a half year long tenure of central government, or the close-to-heart Swachh Bharat ‘Clean India’ Modi-mission.

PM Modi spoke, and the audience listened, mesmerized and absorbed into the promises and vision of the incumbent Indian Prime Minister, most of the time staring at him, and checking in between, for their own large-screen image, clapping with joy and cheering themselves too on such occasions.

PM Modi spoke with pride about the notch up in ratings on the list of ease of doing business, recently endorsed by the global list generated by UN and World economic forum. Modi said – Today the world is recognising India as a power. It is looking at India as a land of opportunity. And it is our endeavor too that India’s place in the world should equal all. We no longer want favours from the world. We want equality.People are astonished by how we live in harmony despite so many differences in language, culture, food. Diversity is our speciality, our pride, our power.

Amidst cheer and applauding frenzy, PM Modi said – Kabir and Rahim have been our inspirations. Sufism is the best antidote to terrorism.Not just James Bond or Brooke Bond, we now have to walk the path of development so we have the rupee bond. When we talk of Foreign Direct Investment or FDI, I also think about the other side of the coin. That is First Develop India. The colour of your passport will not determine who you are. India is as much yours as it is Narendra Modi’s.

Speaking about the really evolving India, PM Modi emphasized and urged the gathering to take cognizance of ‘the real vibrant, growing India’, saying — India is not only that much what is seen in newspapers. India is much bigger. India with its 125 crore people is much bigger and better with a pre-eminent position beyond the screen of Television. After 18 months in office, I can say that there is no reason for India to remain poor, we harbor poverty for no reason. I wonder why we have started pampering poverty.800 million people in India are below 35 years. India is full of youth and a country which has so many youth cannot continue to lag behind. Nobody can halt its march to development.

Taking a light stride on the famous London weather, PM Modi transpired – I was told London would be cold, but not this much. Your wonderful and warm welcome makes me feel at home.

The public at large participated enthusiastically till the last word of PM Modi’s address, and participated interactively with cheer and encouragement when PM Modi announced the direct flight to begin soon between London and Ahmedabad. The enthusiasm and vibrant participation of the gathering sustained till the last words of PM Modi, when he urged the crowd to join his chorus of ‘Long live India’, and the NRIs pumped up their enthusiasm even more, when PM Modi descended from the dais after his address and moved towards the pathway, where the people swooned towards the lane trying to take a close look and maybe shake a hand or look into the PM’s promising eyes as close as they could.

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