Security tightens at Arthur Road Jail as Chhota Rajan returns

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chhota rajanMumbai : Chhota Rajan may be brought back today to Mumbai on deportation from Indonesia for which security at Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail has been tightened up. Rajan was arrested in Bali on 25 October and Indian governmental agencies had begun talks for speedy return of Chhota Rajan into Indian territory so that interrogations could proceed and cases pending against him could reach to conclusion sooner than later.

The deportation process already began, under which a strategy has been worked out to bring back the 55-year-old gangster, to Mumbai, en route Delhi. Reports reveal that the First Secretary (Consular) Sanjeev Kumar Agrawal from the Indian embassy in Indonesia met Rajan early on Monday. A team of officers from CBI, Delhi police and Mumbai police arrived in Bali on Monday to meet Rajan and continued working upon the deportation process.

It is believed that the officers went with evidence against Rajan and shared all the crime files registered on his name. For ease of understanding, the Indian team took two version of documents in two languages – English and in Bahasa, the local language. Although Rajan is expected to be taken to Delhi directly, reports say that prison officials at Arthur Road jail are increasing security measures and making arrangements for the runaway criminal. This move is based on expectations that Rajan would be taken in at Mumbai in all probability as most of the cases against him are filed in Mumbai, and the city wants to be prepared to ward off any eventuality of subtle gang-wars again, for which Mumbai police is taking all precautionary measures in order to prevent any attacks on Rajan by the members of the Dawood Ibrahim gang who are inmates of the same prison.The Indo-Tibetan Border Police, which co-ordinated its extended efforts while providing enhanced security measures during Ajmal Kasab’s term, might come in handy at this juncture according to reports. expected to help out this time too. In fact, it is quite possible that he will be housed in the same cell as Kasab.

Bali Police, which is also aware of life-threats to Rajan, has placed him under tight cordon of security amidst special commandos for protection. Bali police stated, ‘We have all the measures in place to ensure that the prisoner’s security is not compromised. Since he is a foreigner, we have heightened security for him.’

A Mumbai resident, Rajan was considered the closest aide of fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim but fell out with him after the 1993 serial blasts.The two have even attempted to eliminate each other on many occasions since then.Chhota Rajan is wanted in 70 criminal cases in Mumbai, including those relating to the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA), the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) and the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

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