PM Modi calls for UNSC reforms

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PM ModiNew Delhi : Prime Minister expressed his strong opinion on reforms and cautioned the UNSC of becoming irrelevant unless it becomes adaptable. Strongly pitching for UN Security Council reforms, PM Modi said, UNSC ran the risk of becoming irrelevant unless it adjusted to the changing world, and added there should be concerted efforts initiated to deal with growing challenge of terrorism.

PM Modi was speaking at the inaugural session of the Third India-Africa Forum Summit (IAFS). He said the world was undergoing political, economic, technological and security transition on a magnanimous scale, and at a fast track speed rarely seen in recent history, and yet the global institutions reflected the circumstances of the century that ‘we left behind’. He said – These institutions have served us well, but unless they adjust to the changing world, they risk becoming irrelevant. We cannot say what will replace them in an uncertain future. But, we might have a more fragmented world that is less capable of dealing with the challenges of our era. That is why India advocates reforms in global institutions.

The summit is being attended by representatives of over 50 countries including 41 Heads of State and Government of African countries. Calling India and Africa two bright spots of hope and opportunities in the global economy, Modi said both sides must work together to defeat terrorism. He said – This is a world of free nations and awakened aspirations. Our institutions cannot be representative of our world, if they do not give voice to Africa, with more than a quarter of UN members, or the world s largest democracy with one-sixth of humanity. That is why India and Africa must speak in one voice for reforms of the United Nations, including its Security Council. Today, in many parts of the world, the light of a bright future flickers in the storm of violence and instability. When terror snuffs out life on the streets and beaches, and in malls and schools of Africa, we feel your pain as our own. And, we see the links that unite us against this threat.

Equating India on the planes of security level and highlighting on the threats that nations like Africa and India both face, PM Modi said – We also see that when our oceans are no longer safe for trade, we all suffer together. And, when nations are caught in conflict within, no one around remains untouched. And, we know that our cyber networks bring opportunities, but also carry huge risks. So, when it comes to security, distance no longer insulates us from each other.

Modi anticipated that both sides could deepen cooperation in maritime security and hydrography as well as countering terrorism and extremism. He stressed on the need to have a UN Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism to deal with the menace. ‘We will also provide support for African Union s peacekeeping efforts. And, we will train African peacekeepers here and in Africa. We must also have a stronger voice in decisions on UN Peacekeeping Missions,” he said and noted that Africa has its concerns about security and stability, especially from terrorism and extremism and hoped its leadership will rise to the challenges, ‘ said PM Modi.

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