Germany probes new case of US spying

Newsroom24x7 Desk

germany mapGermany : German authorities have launched a probe into allegations of a new case of suspected spying linked to the US National Security Agency, as revealed to German media in a newsweekly report, which authenticates the spying activities. The report comes after the conclusion of a spying allegation – an investigation into alleged US snooping on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone, the allegation which could not result in substantial evidence and was dropped in June due to lack of proof.

German-US relations were badly strained after fugitive US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden revealed mass US surveillance around the world in 2013. The latest probe by Germany’s federal prosecutors targets persons unknown for ‘espionage activities.’ It centers on the personal laptop of a department chief in the chancellery onto which a spying virus known as ‘Regin’ as per the reports. The ‘Trojan horse’ type virus, which was discovered on the laptop last year, enabled surveillance of all data entered onto a computer and transferred it to whoever had the software installed. The report highlighted, there was no doubt that Regin could be linked to the NSA or Britain’s GCHQ eavesdropping agency, which was revealed in Snowden’s documents to have worked closely with its US equivalent, including in the interception of German phone calls and emails.

While Snowden alleged US spying on many European governments, his disclosures triggered particular anger in Germany where bitterness lingered over mass state spying on citizens by the Stasi secret police in former communist East Germany where Merkel grew up. Spying however, had not always been one sided, as Spy data had past record from both sides, in the likes of spy history, as in – Germany spied on USA and France until late 2013, Activists love-bombed NSA with ‘quite spying’ drone, and Merkel’s office hid knowledge of probe.

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