Delhi Police plans to monitor traffic using helicopters

Newsroom24x7 Desk

helicopterNew Delhi : Traffic loads inside Delhi have been raising alarms for commuters as well as administration, and a solution of controlling the chaos has been designed and would be implemented sooner than later.

As a first time experimentation in India, the Delhi Police is all set to monitor traffic using helicopters. Adapting the aerial daily surveillance system prevalent in innumerable countries around the globe, this Delhi police initiative could be termed as a beginning of new adaptive methods for road safety and SOS help for commuting traffic. This is the first time in India, when police forces will be using helicopters to monitor the crowd movement. Initially, Delhi police has made plans to control traffic monitoring during rush hour season of the calendar, namely, festivals which promote hectic road rush and rising human movement, creating clusters of vehicles and pedestrians galore, at every important locations of gathering and celebrations.

Speaking to the journalists here, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi said – Monitoring traffic on ground during festivals gets hard. The helicopters will co-ordinate with control rooms.We don’t have any plan to acquire helicopters but for the time being we will use hired flying vehicles.

Police forces in developed countries use helicopters to monitor crowd movements and traffic flow. For the very first time, Indian police is going the same way. Anticipations are on the rise as such a crowd control measure would benefit public and might render relief during the season.

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