US talks on T-TIP and Eurozone economy with Greek officials in Athens

Newsroom24x7 Desk

GreeceAthens : U.S. State Department (Principal Deputy Assistant) Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs is scheduled to visit Athens and discuss the economic state of affairs in the Greek territory. The visit, scheduled to take place on October 26-27, would focus on agenda which Kurt Tong (U.S. State Department Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs) plans to lay on the discussion table with Greek officials and private sector business leaders during his visit to Athens.

The priority of Tong’s trip would be set around discussions regarding Eurozone economic issues and  Transatlantic Trade and   Investment Partnership (T-TIP) agreement. In Athens, he would meet with senior officials in the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the banking sector officials and entrepreneurs. Additionally, Tong is scheduled to address members of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

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