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US and Russia sign Syria deal to avoid aerial clashes

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syria mapSyria : Russia and United States have signed a deal over Syria as a consequence of constant air strike contradictions in the recent past which had forced both nations to often sit on the extreme sides of agreement over Russian air avengers targeting attacks in the crisis area of Syria.Russia and the US have signed a deal through which, as informed by official releases from both countries, both nations hope would help towards avoiding clashes between their air forces in the skies over Syria.

Russia began air strikes in Syria on 30 September, always maintaining its stand of chartering air strikes with an intention of targeting Islamic State (IS) militants.The recent situation which developed last week, when both countries came to an inevitable air face-off while targeting the lands of Syria, forced them to sit back and sign a deal so that such catastrophe could be avoided in future Syrian air-meets. Last week, the US said both countries’ planes entered the same battle space and came within miles of each other.

Officials from US had been seeking an agreement since late September.Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said the text of the deal would remain secret at Moscow’s request, but that it laid out means for both sides to communicate and establish a hotline on the ground, which is being seen as a major step forward in Syria crisis.He clarified though that the two countries would not, however, share intelligence on their targets.

Cook also said the deal would take care of safeguard measures and good territorial practices on Syrian skies, and the deal specifically ensured that both countries would instruct their aircraft to stay a safe distance from each other. He however refrained from detaling the specific distances that were agreed upon, while defining the ‘safe distance’.

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