Rape Capital does it again

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ban politicsNew Delhi : A toddler and a five-year-old girl were gang-raped in the national capital of Delhi this weekend, leading to another bout of blame game boomerang between centre, state and LG over Delhi police by Kejriwal. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal questioned the measures taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lt Governor Najeeb Jung to protect women in the capital and demanding control over Delhi Police. It is a shame of Indian democracy, when leaders who fill their election manifestos with paragraphs about women;s security, winning 67 seats on such false promises, and when the time of reckoning comes, easily shift the responsibility on inter-party and state-centre fights, simply shedding off responsibility and rendering the safety and security of citizens, even toddlers, at the mercy of none.

It is high time that citizens begin to sue politicians and take them to court on the basis of false promises that they make in their election manifestos. A government of Delhi that cannot protect toddlers from dengue or rape, is a matter of disgust and hopelessness for citizens of a city-state like Delhi, which plays host to the who’s who of sorts – be it politicians, bureaucrats, national parties or embassies.

The two-and-a-half-year-old, who was raped by two men in west Delhi’s Nangloi area, continued to be in a critical condition on Saturday. The other girl, a five-year-old was raped by three men in east Delhi’s Anand Vihar.CM Kejriwal washed his hands off the responsibility by first questioning steps taken by Modi and Jung, who are responsible for law and order in the capital, to protect children, and later by tweeting just like a common, helpless citizen of sorts, writing – Repeated rape of minors is shameful and worrying. Delhi Police has completely failed to provide safety. What are PM and his LG doing? If the PM wants to have Delhi Police under his control, he has to be answerable. I request the PM to take some time out and meet the LG and find out ways to deal with crime against women and children in Delhi.

Helpless Chief Minister, helpless Prime Minister, helpless Lt. Governor, helpless citizens. This is India, where a CM has the power of tweeting helplessly like a citizen and just get away from his duties and play blame game of sorts, after making false women-safety promises in the manifesto, and not even getting sued for it. Probably, it happens only in India, where a manifesto screams of women safety and does not even protect toddlers from rape and dengue attacks.

According to a police officer in Nangloi, the two-and-a-half-year-old was kidnapped from outside her home, brutally raped and left bleeding at a nearby park early on Saturday. The victim was rushed to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital where she is undergoing treatment for her injuries.Police have launched a manhunt for the accused, who are yet to be identified.

In the other case, police in east Delhi have arrested three men allegedly involved in the gang rape of the five-year-old and booked them under various charges dealing with gang rape, kidnapping and provisions of POCSO Act.The three, identified as Prakash, Revati and Sitaram, were presented on Saturday before a local court, which sent them to 14 days judicial custody.According to the police, the five-year-old was alone at her house when one of the accused who is a neighbor took her away, and raped her with his two friends.The girl, who was found bleeding, was admitted to Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital where she is undergoing treatment.

After visiting the victims with Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain, Kejriwal said the PM and Jung should hold a meeting over the issue.

Former chief minister Sheila Dikshit said it was wrong to blame the Prime Minister who is not responsible for administration of Delhi, adding that policing in the city should be split into security and general law and order and the city government should be put in charge of the latter.

Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal strongly condemned the incident and visited Sanjay Gandhi hospital and GTB hospital to meet the victims. ‘Recurrence of such incidents is extremely saddening. All the agencies concerned should sit together and ponder over a solution to such incidents,’ she said.


  1. Terrible, horror after horror, I just want to zap when I come accross daily one atroctiy after the other in our country- against children, women, communities….My heart cries for the aggressed ones…..and their parents. the governments both state and central seem to be powerless to enforce law and order anywhere….. bringing in civic education which brings in respect for girls and women, and tolerance and mutual respect could change things over a period…… but as long as there is testosterone in men – that is the dark side of sexual predation and aggressivity, necessary to survive and to perpetuate the human race, we cannot completely eradicate sex and violent crimes. Along with education, there should be the necessary infrastructure like proper roads and lighting, and regular patrolling by police which could diminish the number of such crimes ………..but then this is a pipe dream in the immediate future. The place of children is not in the streets but in their homes or in places where their security can be ensured. But how many parents can afford to be after their children when they are at work……….few such facilities exist and even if they did, can the parents afford such care? There is a lot to do….. India, shining India, of which our PM boasts about in every jaunt overseas looses its shine when we take a closer look. The politicos but also civil society must have models to propose, there seems to be practically no debate for long term development…… the only one which will push our society and our nation forward.


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