India-Pakistan must resolve Kashmir issue by being good neighbors, say Pak PM

Newsroom24x7 Desk

India Pak PMLahore : Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed his concerns on Kashmir and addressed the Indian counterpart on good neighborly behavior for resolving the Kashmir conflict. Sharif expressed his opinion while speaking to the media at Governor’s house in Lahore.

PM Sharif stated India and Pakistan should live like good neighbors and resolve all issues including Kashmir through dialogue. ‘I raised the issue of Kashmir in the UN with courage and spoke out my heart (over the issue). I also gave a proposal to India to improve ties with Pakistan.We (Indian and Pakistan) should live like good neighbors and find out a solution to the Kashmir issue,” Sharif said while talking to reporters at the Governor’s House in Lahore.

The prime minister referred to his earlier statements at the UN and made it amply clear that he shared with the United Nations, Pakistan’s resolution on Kashmir and and how it was the UN body’s duty to implement it.’I spoke the truth while looking into their eyes. The UN should realize itself and implement its resolution on Kashmir,” he said to the media at Lahore.

Sharif made a mention of Pakistan’s other neighbor, saying – We have laid a foundation of strong ties with Afghanistan. We really worked hard to bring (Afghan) Taliban on negotiation table. While the overt talks were under in Pakistan the news of Mullah Omar’s death was broken that sabotaged this effort. I don’t know why two years after his death the news was broken at the time when talks were underway.

On governance related responsibilities, Sharif said his government would get another term (after 2018 general elections) because the people are happy with its performance.He underlined the achievements of his government in transport, health, education and energy sectors, adding that the country’s economy had stabilized because of his government’s people-friendly polices. ‘Had the judicial commission’s report not come in our favor, I would have stepped down,’ he reminisced.

In his address last week at the United Nations General Assembly, Sharif had proposed a four-point formula to improve ties with India.They were – demilitarization of Kashmir, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Indian troops from Siachen, resumption of composite dialogue and formalization of border ceasefire.


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