Ankara explosion claims 100 lives

Newsroom24x7 Desk

ankara explosionAnkara : A peace rally which was proceeding in the Turkish capital of Ankara ended up in disrupting peace and harmony, resulting in claiming many lives and injured several persons, who were walking the road to peace.

Two explosions at a peace rally in the Turkish capital Ankara have killed at least 95 people and injured 245. The spot of explosion soon got converted into scenes of panic with people getting severely injured and falling hurt or dead, onto the ground covered in blood, amid protest banners.The blasts took place near the city’s central train station as people gathered for a march organised by leftist groups.

The attack has been categorized as the deadliest ever of its kind on Turkish soil. Suggesting on the lines of suicide attacks having triggered this fatal accident of lives of hundreds, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has announced three days of national mourning, and said there was evidence that two suicide bombers had carried out the attacks.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the attack, and stated that the severity of loss is a terrorist initiated disruption which comes three weeks before a re-run of June’s inconclusive parliamentary elections.

The peace rally was marched by protesters who were tired of the never ending clashes and took it upon themselves to convey their discomfort of loss of lives and materials due to these violent clashes. They were demanding an end to the violence between the Kurdish separatist PKK militants and the Turkish government.

HDP leader Selahettin Demirtas has blamed the state for the attack and has cancelled all election rallies. He condemned the government as murderers and used harsh words against the ruling system saying that the government had blood on its hands. HDP party has on earlier occasions too, blamed the government for colluding in attacks on Kurdish activists, which the government had immediately denied.

The injured have been rushed to nearby medical facilities and have been taken under constant medical supervision.


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