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February 21, 2018

Two dead in double-decker bus crash in Coventry, West Midlands

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Coventry bus crashCoventry : Two persons – one of them a child and another a senior woman, were killed in a bus crash when a Double Decker bus hit head on and crashed into a supermarket at Coventry city centre according to police information provided by West Midlands Police superintendent.

An eight-year-old boy and a woman thought to be in her 70s have reportedly died in this mishap. Police said that a number of people appeared to have been trapped on the bus’s top deck after the crash. People on the bottom deck seemed to be able to get out of the emergency door. But people on the top deck were trapped. The chaos forced everybody to move around, shouting, screaming and crying due to the sudden impact and fear. The crash took place on a straight stretch of road and apparently there appeared to be no prima facie obvious reason why the bus skidded out of control, for which investigations have been swiftly initiated.

The boy, a passenger on the top deck of the bus, and the woman, a pedestrian, both died at the scene.A nine-year-old girl has also been reported of having taken seriously ill and landing in local hospital along with six others, including the bus driver, who were hurt in the accident.The bus first took a a hit at the parked and moving cars in this lane and then smashed head-on at Sainsbury’s in Trinity Street. West Midlands Police informed that road closures and police cordon were immediately put in place and buses were currently unable to drive into the city centre. Specialist officers rere deployed immediately who got in touch with the relatives of the two killed in this tragedy and the officers were supporting the families of the boy from Leamington, and the woman, from Nuneaton.

Stagecoach Midlands confirmed that it was a bus on its X18 service from Coventry to Leamington that been involved in the crash.

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