India outlines seven changes for Nepal’s constitution

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nepalNew Delhi : Indian government has played active role in promulgation of Nepalese constitution as has been evident in all previous interactions between External affairs of both countries. Recently, Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar stood together with Nepal in the promulgation of its constitution, an event which had seen the light of the day after above 65 years.

To take a further step in this direction, Indian government has shortlisted seven amendments in Nepal’s constitution.  Asking Nepal to make seven changes, these amendments have been conveyed to Nepal’s leadership by the Indian government through official channel of Ministry of External Affairs’ Ranjit Rae, India’s ambassador to Nepal.

Wanting some more finesse in Nepal’s newly promulgated Constitution, Indian government has asked Kathmandu to accomodate seven amendments to ensure it is acceptable to the Madhesis and Janjatis.The Indian Express Tuesday. These amendments are at the heart of the protests and violence in Nepal which have left at least 40 dead.

Two Senior Communist leaders from Nepal — one a former Prime minister, and another one aspiring for the top post — on Tuesday said the promulgation of the new Constitution in Nepal was a matter of conscience and self-respect for the Nepalese people, and it was not a move directed against India. Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal said that any act from anywhere that amounts to undermining our sovereignty is not acceptable to the Nepalese… By promulgating our own Constitution, we have only asserted of our sovereign rights, something that is not directed towards any country, We cannot bow down before anyone’s pressure or persuasion. It is a matter of our conscience and self-respect.

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