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January 22, 2018

Social media saved from new encryption policy

Newsroom24x7 Desk

socialsNew Delhi : What began yesterday as a broad base decision of delete rules for Indian text friendly citizens, took a new turn and got clamped down for the social media.

It all began with the new encryption law stating Indians to compulsorily store plain-text versions of their encrypted data for 90 days and make it available to security agencies. Media protests and social sites feeling outraged about this policy for the likes of Whatsapp and other text messaging services immediately got attention from the policy makers.

Result – The Indian government has exempted social media applications from a new encryption policy after public uproar over the proposed measures. Online banking and purchases will also be exempt from the law. The encryption policy was proposed to enhance information security in India.

Indians have until 16 October to weigh in on the proposed measures, and the government has said that the final policy will only be drafted after the feedback is taken into account.

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