Rescue teams pull out two workers from trapped tunnel

Newsroom24x7 Desk

tunnel trapShimla : After being trapped for nine days, two workers were on Monday safely pulled out of the rubble of a partially collapsed under-construction tunnel in Himachal Pradesh by rescue teams ending their ordeal amid scenes of jubilation.

Search operations continued for the third worker who is still suspected stuck under the debris of the collapsed tunnel in Bilaspur, about 90 km from Shimla. NDRF team involved in the rescue effort informed that chances of other persons being help up in the collapsed tunnel are being ruled out. For this, a horizontal drilling operation to see through the debris and find the third worker who seems to be trapped is being executed.

The workers were trapped inside tunnel No 4 of Kiratpur-Nerchowk four-lane project near Bilaspur when a portion of it collapsed on 12 September. A drilling operation was taken up to make way for reaching to the workers. The drilling of 1.2 m diameter tunnel to reach them was almost complete and less than 1 m of drilling was left when the heavy drilling rig developed a snag last night, warranting replacement of a part of the drill and the operations were suspended.

The rescuers, earlier, had also established communication with two of the three trapped labourers through digital cameras and microphones after hours of digging.

A 45-member NDRF team, led by three special skilled men, have been working in the operation for days now.


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