Dutch police arrest suspect from Thalys train washroom

Newsroom24x7 Desk

thalys train 1Rotterdam : Rotterdam police received alerts from train bound passengers about a man having locked himself into the Thalys train washroom. Passengers suspected the man to be weapon or bomb-laden. Rotterdam police swung into action and nabbed the suspect and flushed him out of the washroom.

Netherlands railway line came to a temporary halt as police arrested the man after evacuating a high speed Amsterdam-Paris Thalys train. Most part of the railway station also had to be evacuated to carry out this arrest operation.

The high-speed Thalys train was stalled and passengers were de-boarded with care and caution. Police then put a negotiator to talk with the suspect who suceeded in bringing him out. The Rotterdam police has refrained from giving any details as yet about the arms that the suspect might have had in his posession.

The police was spotted with armed shield ans scanning equipment while approaching the train.

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