Meat ban terminated as Supreme court smells a spirit of intolerence

Newsroom24x7 Desk

india mapNew Delhi : Supreme Court endorsed Bombay High Court order of hold on ban on meat sale which expired today and declared that these are not issues to be forced down anyone’s throat. A spirit of tolerance has to be inculcated, said Supreme court and refused to interfere with high court’s interim order.

On Monday, the Bombay high court had put the sale of meat ban on hold. But today was the day when that order was to expire. This was related to Jain fasting period ‘Paryushan’ during which a ban was to be effective.

A Jain organization had challenged the order in Supreme court saying that meat ban was a reasonable restriction and should be enforced keeping in mind the sensitivity of a section (Jain) of the society.

Supreme court has allowed citizens of Mumbai to continue buying or consumption of meat as per their own liking without any restrictions.

A ban during these festivities was on paper since 1994 as begun by the then Congress government. However, it was never really implemented. The present BJP led Maharashtra government opined of extending the ban from earlier mentioned four days to eight days, and faced stiff opposition from allies and public at large.

High court had maintained a stand that suck knee jerk actions on extending days or reducing days of ban in an impromptu manner was inappropriate and must be avoided.

Supreme court’s action comes as a major relief to communities which survive on meat sale for their livelihood, but is a cause of discomfort to the Jain community which was riding high on ban expectations.

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