Lead the way, plead migrants, as Hungary seals the border

Newsroom24x7 Desk

migrant crisis 1Hungary : Migrants, more than hundreds in head count, spend the night of uncertainty, awake, wondering which way to go, as Hungary-Serbia border got closed and routes blocked. Buses began to get redirected to Croatia which left migrants confused and forcing the route of Germany via Austria en route Slovenia. Romania might be a new route, said a hopeful migrant, whose face reflected a bad-spend awaken night waiting on the edge of what life had in store ahead.

At crossroads of life, a stage where routes are getting guided or thrust upon by governing agencies, when life is not taking the direction which migrants would have themselves chosen – migrants are faced with new border restrictions and a row over allocating migrants emerging out of bitter divisions in Europe over the crisis.

The imposition of temporary border controls are a challenge to the EU’s Schengen agreement on free movement.Yet, hundreds of stranded migrants spent the night in the open or in makeshift tents close to the Serbian border with Hungary. Some gathered wood for fires, but eyes of waiting migrants could not be shut as worry and a fear of unknown made them grapple with uncertainty.

A day earlier, new Hungarian laws came into effect and police sealed a railway crossing point that had been used by tens of thousands of migrants. A midnight whiplash came when Austria became the latest country to introduce tighter border controls.Austria reassured though that no one fleeing persecution would be turned back to Hungary. Two main stations in Austria were overflowing with migrants and the main station in Salzburg faced a closure.

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