Flash flood leaves 12 dead in US

Newsroom24x7 Desk

flash floods US 1Hildale, Utah : Flash flood swept away lives and vehicles when a canyon river near Utah-Arizona border gushed in water, resulting in two vehicles carrying women and children floating for rescue, leaving 12 persons dead and one person missing. Among the killed were at least six children and three women, according to Utah officials in the city of Hildale and Washington County Emergency Services. The two vehicles carried a total of 16 women and children after a visit to a park in the mishap zone. A boy along with two elders miraculously survived the flash flood. Two others survived by escaping from their vehicle.

People from nearby areas rode in to have a glimpse of the fatality and tried to help the stranded. But, during the rescue effort made by local residents, water flowed heavily over the region and the rush of water was so intense it washed the two vehicles hundreds of yards downstream, and one vehicle was found a quarter mile away, in the creek.

The flooding took to hostage the nearby locality along the border from Hildale to Colorado City, Arizona. Flash floods began with heavy rains in the canyons above Hildale which was accompanied by hail, together this resulted in engulfing Hildale under flash flood water within minutes, which ceased after few minutes, but the damage to lives and vehicles was already done in the meanwhile.

Evening showed signs of recede in water levels but rescue operations continued in full swing as storms threatened yet another round of flooding. A flash flooding warning was issued until 7:45 p.m. local time for the Utah-Arizona border area, including Hildale and Colorado City, Arizona, by National Weather forecast.

Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert said the state is offering its full resources to the town of Hildale to aid with the search and rescue effort.


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