Delhi CM rushes to Hospitals for a damage control face saver

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kejriwalNew Delhi : First a Farmer hung himself from a tree in AAP rally. Now when a 7 year aged boy died of unattended Dengue treatment, his parents jumped down the floor and committed suicide. And then, the latest adds more children losing the battle of lives to Dengue due to lack of proper care and medical assistance.

What kind of regime is AAP governance which is making people kill themselves or die due to negligence, worries the mind.

While they themselves (read Kejriwal and Co) were busy giving a kick in the butt of AAP seniors, the aam janta is out on a suicide mission or negligence death of sorts.
Waking up late as usual, now Delhi government has ordered a magisterial inquiry into the death of seven-year-old Avinash Rout who was suffering from dengue and was allegedly denied admission by five hospitals. ‘We have ordered magisterial enquiry to probe the whole incident. The area distrist magistrate has been asked to scan the CCTV footages from the cameras installed near the five hospitals to establish the sequence of the events,’ Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said.

Five hospitals, Moolchand, Max Saket, Saket City hospital, Akash hospital and Irene hospital were issued showcause notices by Delhi government on Saturday and asked to explain why their registration should not be cancelled for their alleged refusal to admit Rout.His parents committed suicide by jumping from a four-storeyed building in South Delhi’s Lado Sarai after he passed away on September 8.

As per the August 28 advisory, issued by Delhi government’s health department, no hospital, be it private or government, should deny admission to a patient suffering from dengue.

Now, Arvind Kejriwal woke up from his political slumber and rushed to hospitals when social media went screaming about a suicide prone AAM Janta in AAP ruled Delhi. As news reached about more child deaths, Delhi CM wore his footwear to march into damage control flying squad visit to meet relatives of infected and dead.
Six-year-old Aman Sharma died 2 days ago after allegedly being turned away by six hospitals, including the central government-run Safdarjung hospital.CM said –  It is heartbreaking. We have become blind in the race to make more and more profit. We shouldn’t forget our humanity. Nothing would have been lost if the hospital had treated the child. Would it have affected their profit margin so much?

The government, he said, is exploring a law that will enable the temporary takeover of private hospitals if they refuse patients during emergencies.

 A sad picture of Indian politicians — elect them and make them sit in top seats, and boy ! you will repent the very next day !
People sitting at top posts like ministers in centre and state, and the first among the equals ruling the state or centre — can easily give excuses, order inquiries and play blame game. There ends their responsibility.If top heads of political governance give excuses, then there is no one who can make things work.
Excuse and lame excuses from people in power — atleast this is one matter in which all parties are alike.

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