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February 25, 2018

Afghan Taliban storms into Prison and releases 350 prisioners

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afghan jailGhazni : Taliban militants stormed into a jail on the outskirts of Afghan city of Ghazni with arms and opened fire at police personnel. On a retaliation from policemen, militants gunned down four police personnel and injured a few more.

Deputy provincial governor of Ghazni province Mohammad Ali Ahmadi informed that one jihadi blew himself up at the prison gates. The panic caused smoke and screened entry of other militants. The militants barged into jail premises and forced open jail cubicles. This enabled freeing of more than 350 Talibani prisoners who took the opportunity of smoke, fire and chaos and escaped free.

Militants were dressed in unifroms and worked in tandem with each other, making the whole attack look like a drill of precision. Police retaliated and gunned down three attackers. However, the prison escapees could not be nabbed and jail got left with some odd 80 prisoners, who were probably of non-Taliban origin.

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