Deadly crane crash at Mecca leaves at least 107 dead

Newsroom24x7 Desk

disastrous crane crash in MeccaMecca, Saudi Arabia: Just days before Haj, a heavy construction crane crashed into the Grand Mosque in the holy city of Mecca on Friday, killing at least 107.

According to the Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defence administration more than 180 people have been injured in this incident. the crane came down smashing into the third floor of the Mosque at about 5.40 p.m. By this time there was a huge presence of people ahead of the 6.30 p.m. prayer.
Some videos and images posted online show the crane crashing by heavy winds and rain and there was chaos inside the mosque where worshippers lay in blood as a result of the disastrous crash.

The Grand Mosque houses the Kaaba and is the biggest mosque in the world. Muslims from all over the world come to Meccas and go around the Kaaba during the Haj (pilgrimage).

A number of cranes are all around the Mosque as Saudi Arabia is implementing a multi-billion dollar project to expand the Grand Mosque.


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