We value Turkish democratic institutions, says US

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turkeyWashington D.C : Attacks on offices and buildings associated with People’s Democratic Party is highly condemnable, said US spokesperson John Kirby, while expressing America’s point of view in a press briefing to media professionals. He said that attacks on a continuous second day repeat against the headquarters of Hurriyat Daily was unacceptable too, Kirby stated that US stands with those Turkish people who are condemning the use of violence directed against specific political parties, ethnic groups and media outlets.

Expressing concern on how these events followed an escalation in violence over the weekend by the PKK (Kurdish – Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan), Kirby took cognizance of the longstanding armed conflict between Republic of Turkey and various Kurdish insurgent groups. He said that US strongly condemned the PKK’s terrorist attacks that killed 16 soldiers and 12 police officers as this represented a deadly escalation in violence and hurted the cause of those Kurds who wanted to live in peace. Extending condolences to the families of soldiers and police personnel who were killed, US spokesperson added that US again calls upon the PKK to renounce violence and return to peaceful political process.

Endorsing the calls made by Turkish Prime Minister and the HDP ((Turkish – Halkların Demokratik Partisi, Turkey Democratic Party) Co-Chairman Demirtas and other leaders towards condemning the violence and appealing for calm, Kirby mentioned that it was critically important for Turkish law enforcement to provide equal protection to all segments of society, political parties and media outlets as there was no place in a democracy for violent protests, particular those motivated by partisanship or ethnic animosity.

Kirby said that US expects Turkish authorities to uphold Turkey’s core values, democratic foundations, and universally recognized fundamental freedoms. Turkish democratic institutions matter equally as much, to the Turkish people as well as the Americans, and many streams in Turkish society have raised voice against the violence that perpetrated recently. Both nations are agreeable on cessation of violence and Government of Turkey will continue to live up to its core values and its democratic fundamental principles, he added.

US spokesperson summed up his address, saying – America wants to see Turkey thrive and flourish and wants to see it live up to its own core values and the values expressed in its constitution. And actions such as recent attacks particularly against the newspaper, are unhelpful and certainly not in keeping with those values, and US wants to see all Turks express the appropriate respect for those values.

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