Sharp rise in crime against women in Delhi

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crime against womenNew Delhi : While the Narendra Modi-led Central Government and the Delhi Government led by Arvind Kejriwal were busy shooting words of venom at each otherand fighting over power, especially when it came to controlling the Delhi Police, and when Delhi’s Lt Governor Najeeb Jung was more obsessed with what postings he gets to handle or which police officer should handle Delhi’s Anti-Corruption Branch when it was probing the sensitive 13-year old case linked with the issuing of fitness certificates to CNG vehicles- the incidence of crime against women has continued to rise sharply in the national capital.

Newsroom24x7 investigation on crime in Delhi, with specific reference to women related crime, has thrown up disturbing figures. In the last couple of years – to be precise, 2013 onward the Delhi’s crime graph, especially with regard to reported incidents of rape and molestation of women has shot up there has been a  has presented the following facts, which have been represented graphically for a better perspective.

After Delhi had been rocked by the Nirbhaya case, elections were won at the Centre and in Delhi based on the lofty promise of women’s safety, crime reduction and making Delhi a better place. Yet, data speaks volumes about promises made by political parties. The crime statistics reveals what the Lt. Governor and Delhi Chief Minister were busy doing – transfers, postings, power tussle and what not when the women of Delhi have silently been fighting their own battle for dignity and security .

Year-wise data of rape cases registered in Delhi from 2001 till August 31 this year:


delhi police graph rape cases in women












Observe above that up to 31 August 2014, the numbers were 1447. And now, look at the data upto August 2015 – it reads 1453. So, the crime rate has already surpassed its year-on-year data. And, one quarter still remains in this calendar year.


Cases of Molestation of women in Delhi have been pictorially compiled for quick reference . This is what the data reveals –

delhi police graph of molestation of women


A browse of data in this chart above shows that up to 31 August 2014, the number of molestation of women cases was 2843. And, up to  August 31 2015, that is recent date, the molestation cases have already reached the figure of 3591. This shows that the number of molestation cases this year has surpassed the year-on-year data and the crisis has aggravated drastically. This is the scenario when a quarter of the calendar year is still ahead of us..


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