MP offers conducive atmosphere for Industry: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

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MP Chief Minister Shivraj meets investorsBhopal: Carrying forward his regular meetings with investors, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today met CEO and MD of Procter & Gamble home products Al Razvani and CE0 of Artisan Agrotech Deb Mukherjee here today.

During his inetraction with the two industry top brass, the Chief Minister said that Madhya Pradesh offers condusive for the progress of industry. The State Government has put in place the single door policy to facilitate the industry, he added.

On this occasion, Razvani of Procter & Gamble informed the chief minister that his multi-national company has invested about Rs. 2000 crore in Madhya Pradesh. The company proposes further investment of Rs. 3000 crore.

Mukherjee of Artisan and Agrotech said that his company proposes to produce bamboo-based particle board and would be establishing an MDF unit. This will give permanent jobs to 3000 persons. He suggested that bamboo should be grown along the banks of rivers. This will check soil erosion.

Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister S. K. Mishra and MD of TRIFAC D.P. Ahuja were present at the meeting.

EU Quota plan proposes entry gate for refugees

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entry gate for refugeesFrance: More than 160,000 asylum seekers are to be relocated from Italy, Greece and Hungary.The European Union (EU) has drawn up a new schedule of national quota under which Germany will take in more than 40,000 and France will allow 30,000 refugees into their territories.

European Commission proposes to add around 120,000 people and quota has thus been chartered out for these two nations.

The commission has also decided to put Turkey and all non-EU states of Western Balkans into a new list of countries, named as ‘Safe countries’ which means that citizens in these countries will be provided speedy review of asylum claims which will thereby accelerate the process of deportation for many of those asylum seekers.

The UK is notably absent from the list of countries prepared to take in extra refugees according to Quota plan. Although David Cameron’s government is not supportive of EU quota concept, yet in its own way, UK government is likely to announce plans of resettling many more Syrian refugees any time soon.

GST Bill may get an extended session of Parliament: Venkaiah Naidu

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Venkaiah NaiduNew Delhi: Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu indicated that GST bill is a top poriority of NDA government and the Union government is seriously contemplating upon having an extended session of Parliament with an objective of getting the GST Bill passed.

Government will decide the dates for that session during this week, said the Minister, adding that co-operation from opposition parties will be vital for the extended session. To achieve this, Naidu assured that complete consultation with opposition is on the agenda and steps have been taken by him personally in consulting with important leaders of different parties.

Naidu emphasized that GST is needed for strengthening country’s economy and opposition must takes this matter into serious consideration. He referred to the brewing global financial crisis and stated that India has to take extra steps in strengthening its own economy in the backdrop of developing global financial scenario.

Minister appealed to the opposition in these exact words – ‘So I appeal to the Congress party and also other parties, please cooperate in proper conduct of Parliament. If you have some objections, you can raise them in Parliament. If you want to vote against any proposition, you have that power also. At the same time, Parliament should be allowed to take up this bill, which is the need of the hour.’​

Australia goes for radical overhaul to ban importation of synthetic drugs

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synthetic and illicit drugsCanberra: The cat and mouse game between law enforcement and importers that tweak the chemical structure of psychoactive substances to import deadly synthetic drugs and avoid prosecution ended this past weekend and from Saturday onwards, 5 September, the Australian Border Force officers have the powers they need to seize synthetic drugs and prevent them from making it to the street, no matter what their chemical structure.

This has been emphasised in a joint statement by Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan, who is the Minister assisting the Australian Prime Minister on Counter Terrorism and Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton.

The Crimes Legislation Amendment (Psychoactive Substances and Other Measures) Act 2015 bans the importation of all substances with a psychoactive effect and no legitimate use in Australia.

The new laws, introduced by the Coalition Government in Australia, close a loophole which allowed criminals to deliberately avoid prosecution by tweaking the chemical structure of an illicit drug to ensure it could be imported into the country.

The new ban will also help stop synthetic drugs from being presented as ‘legal’, and improve our ability to stop new drugs from entering the market, causing harm to our community and wreaking havoc on young lives.

Synthetic drugs are often marketed as legal alternatives to illicit drugs, implying they are somehow safe and credible.

The joint statement says,:”Tragically, we have learned too many times through death or injury to people, especially our young people, that this is not the case. These drugs are extremely dangerous. These legislative changes put us ahead of the criminals.

Existing criminal laws ban illicit drugs based on their chemical structure. However, the rate at which new versions of synthetic drugs appear makes it difficult for our laws to keep up.Governments and law enforcement agencies will no longer be trying to play catch up every time a ‘new’ synthetic drug is produced.

Now, rather than law enforcement agencies having to prove that the particular structure of a psychoactive substance is illegal before seizing it, all psychoactive substances such as synthetic drugs will be prohibited from importation unless the importer can prove they have a legitimate use.

If they cannot, the Australian Border Force will confiscate and destroy the drugs before they reach our streets.The ban also extends to the importation of substances that are presented as mimicking the effects of illicit drugs.

Those who attempt to import synthetic drugs into Australia in breach of the ban face penalties of up to five years imprisonment or a $54,000 fine.
Meth syndicate disrupted – Australian Federal Police.”

The joint media release between the Australian Federal Police, Australian Border Force and Victoria Police comes after a man was charged with importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug, namely methamphetamine attempting to possess a commercial quantity of border controlled drug, namely methamphetamine and failing to comply with a 3LA order.