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PM stresses on Samvad at Global Hindu Buddhist Conclave

Newsroom24x7 Desk

conclaveNew Delhi : Without embracing the path and ideals shown by Gautam Buddha, this century cannot be called an Asian century said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the Global Hindu Buddhist Conference titled ‘Samvad’, meaning dialogue, organised by Vivekananda Foundation here today.

Modi elaborated the useful purpose of fruitful and focused dialogue and called for collective global endeavor to end conflict and bring peace all around. Expressing concern over non-state actors unleashing violence over large parts of world territory, Modi emphasized upon  the need of dialogue (samvad) to resolve all conflicts.

Revisiting few anecdotes akin to the likes of Adisankara and Gautam Buddha, Modi firmly stated that India shall always be proud of the fact that it was this land from where Gautam Buddha gave to the world, the tenets of Buddhism.

Enunciating the golden scriptures of Buddhist beliefs, Modi spoke about how Buddhism and environment are closely co-related, and also how, from a Buddhist perspective, nothing has a separate existence. Shedding light on Buddha, Modi said that life of Gautama Buddha illustrated power of service, compassion and most importantly renunciation and shall serve as a platform to resolve human conflicts within nation and among world members.


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