VIP culture, Reservation and the general plight

Indu Indira Lala
Road blocks are happening off and on for two different reasons.
surat rallyReason  One – because of a new voice agitating for another demanding community – aka Hardik Patel. He has ignited the volatile reservation demand for a powerful upwardly mobile community and is not prepared to relent. This guy is all set to go ahead with the Patel agitation and is intending to make his presence felt from Gujarat state to the national capital. Maybe a politician-in-the-making. Hardik’s present claim that he does not have any political ambition, is an entirely a different matter
VIP CultureReason Two – The usual suspects, the VIP culture subscribers – the well-made and well-fed (of course on public money) breed of politicians! When it comes to the VIP culture, one can talk of their offshoot — the crony capitalists and self-serving bureaucrats on some other occasion
Interestingly, the journey of a politician-in-the-making drives along the same road of special status demands and gets dubbed as VIP culture.
Now talk to a common general category individual, who has a family to feed, has children facing tough competitive exams for career options, or has jaw-dropping interviews lined up for a family member –  ask that family their opinion about a ‘Hardik Patel reservation war’ and ‘VIP culture’. We will be surprised by the answer – Aaah, both are the same thing. One makes survival challenging socially, the other makes survival challenging career-wise.

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