Firefighters contain Adelaide burning inferno

Newsroom24x7 Desk

adelaide fireAdelaide, South Australia : Fire ripped through two buildings adjacent to the large Hotel Grand Chancellor, in the center of Adelaide city and caused panic among hundreds of people in the CBD vicinity, forcing immediate evacuation and rescue measures. Large areas of the CBD including Hindley Street were immediately closed down and every single person was rushed out as dark fumes of burning flames filled the entire skyline with smoke and worry.

As the large out-of-control fire developed, 75 firefighters battled the fire on Schrader Street, between Hindley and Currie Streets.Metropolitan Fire Service said the blaze started at the three-storey Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy, behind the hotel, and spread to the adjacent Polites building. The roof of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy collapsed due to double trouble – one being, fire damage underneath, and other – weight of water attacks from above. The building walls are expected to bear a huge risk of collapsing in the coming times.

Thousands of people were evacuated from buildings in Leigh and Peel Streets due to the risk of asbestos exposure from the fire.The blaze also caused traffic chaos through the north of the city, with road closures leading to traffic congestion, jams and multi-dimensional transport diversions.

As firefighters suceeded in containing the firespread, Currie Street has been reopened to traffic, with the speed limit reduced to 25km/h. Pedestrians have been allowed on Currie Street but not on streets north into Hindley. Westbound traffic on Grenfell Street has also been reopened, sans towards Hindley Street.

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