Delhi Police busts a call centre cheat den

Newsroom24x7 Desk

delhi police4New Delhi : An international extortion and cheating racket which was running under the cover of Call Centre has been busted by Delhi Police. Three persons (including a Franchise / Agent of Western Union Money Transfer) have been arrested on this account. A full fledged call centre with multiple computers – desktops and laptops, many mobile phones, internet dongles and several incriminating documents showing cheat money transaction via Western Union Money Transfer has also been confiscated.

Delhi Cyber cell received an e-mail complaint wherein the complainant from United Kingdom stated that his spouse was called up (on mobile) by some so-called UK Border agency officials. They threatened her of having maintained incomplete immigration formalities in India while leaving for UK, and declared her of having committed a criminal offence in this regard. To avoid prosecution, they compelled her to immediately wire a payment of 1477 pounds via Money Transfer. Having done that, the impostors called back after a little time gap and demanded another 1300 pounds transfer in lieu of bail bonds.

Finding the activity dubious, the complainant lodged his email protest with Cyber crime. Delhi Police made a strategy, kept vigil on the said Tilak Nagar Money transfer branch, ran paper trail, found loopholes in the transactions and finally began their interrogation with persons concerned. It was revealed that a specific software application had been installed in the computer sets which were used for spoofing and carry out fake VoIP calls via IP Server belonging to Pacific Communication, UK. The criminals admitted that information of targeted victims was obtained from websites like and other sources available on internet.

Having arrested three criminals, Delhi Police is running a data search and trying to investigate more such connected cases where complaints have not been directly registered, yet some information trail has been generated.

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