Tiger Temple Report by Cee4life to expose illegal tiger trade

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tiger templeOnce upon a time, nearly 16 years ago, screams a Cee4life post on facebook,  a myth was born that would fool gullible people, intelligent people, professional people, animal loving people etc from all over the world.
The myth, according to Cee4life, was “the rescue of injured and orphaned Tiger cubs, by Monks in Thailand, at a place called Wat PA Luang Ta Bua Yansampanno, better known as The Tiger Temple…..

This fairytale grew into epic proportions because of “feel good” coverage, points out Cee4life, adding it is not the journalists or media fault, why wouldn’t you believe that kind loving Buddhist Monks were doing these seeming miracles with Tigers? Its unthinkable to think it was all a charade.

But just as there is good in every religion, faith, country or heart in the world, there is also the dark that lurks there too, Cee4life states while underscoring how in 1999 and 2000, 8 Tigers were bought through the illegal wildlife trade and there began the gargantuan foundation of lies that has grown into a monstrosity …

The 8 Tigers had parents, they were not injured or orphaned Tigers, they were Tigers illegally obtained via the illegal international trade in Tigers…..

Cee4life claims that it has gone to a tremendous extent and risk to gather and protect the undeniable evidence and information.

Due to the severity of “threats”, relevant “agencies” have been informed of who, why, what, when and where and theTiger Temple Report 2 report has been given to multiple sources so it is ensured that it will come to light. Cee4life has said in a statement.

The Tiger Temple Report by Cee4life will be released in the coming weeks. It is heavily controversial, and will reveal a most shocking corruption on international illegal Tiger trade that was founded in Wat PA Luang Ta Bua Yansampanno, The Tiger Temple, Thailand.

Cee4life has dedicated the report to “every Tiger that lost its life inside the Tiger Tempe and every Tiger that stands to lose their life in there right now.

Tiger-dead for fake Chinese medicineSybelle Foxcroft, founder Director of Cee4life says:

“I saw a comment that said “When money is offered even the most gentle souls are tempted”….. Tiger Temple.. you might be able to get away with that bribery with some of your high and mighty friends, but not this org my friend.. There is no amount of money that you could offer to make us turn a blind eye.

You think that the public will forget about every single tiger that you traded, killed, murdered, NEVER…..

We have asked that those within Tiger Temple, whether as a long turn volunteer or a paid staff member, to step forward now, before it is to late. You have this one last chance or you will be found as guilty as all those who have deliberately carried on after beautiful tigers lost their lives to wildlife trade, at the order of you leaders, the Abbot and Jakkrit. You foreigners that think you are so untouchable, you are not. Time is running out now. Step forward and relieve yourself of the guilt you have carried. The people who you walk beside in the Tiger Temple, who you think are your friends, are nothing but shells of soul less beings desperate to keep a job. A job that requires you to ignore deaths, unattended injuries, beatings and the ultimate crimes of wildlife trade. We speak so hard to you now, as we have the evidence, your faces, every one of you…. Step forward, before you pay with your own freedom….. The clock is at 5 to midnight, step forward TT and you may be given a reprieve.

Tiger Temple – You are NO LONGER hiding Behind the Cloak of Buddha because we have ripped your cloaks off and you are stark naked for all the world to see your CRIMES…..”

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