Arctic is deeply threatened: John Kerry

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John Kerrry at Glacier Conference
Click for John Kerry’s remarks at #Glacier

Anchorage, Alaska: “we believe the Arctic is threatened, deeply threatened; because we believe that there are serious choices to be made about fishing regulations, about transportation, about search and rescue, about security.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry made this observation on the opening day of the 2-day Glacier Conference here on Sunday. Alaska particularly needs focus from Washington on some fundamentals like economic development and modernization of communications in terms of connectivity and so forth, pointed out in an interview.

Kerry said that the President wanted to come up here in order to highlight these challenges and to get people to focus on the Arctic itself.”We are an Arctic nation. We have been ever since the great purchase of Alaska from Russia, and thank God we are, because I believe we bring a vision for shared responsibility – not one country, not for military purposes, but for stewardship. And I think stewardship is really a hallmark of what President Obama wants to create out of this visit, and a greater awareness that is the key to that stewardship”, observed Kerry.

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