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January 22, 2018

‘Predator King’ authors enact the title with a hyphen


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Predator KingMorocco : ‘Predator King’ authors Eric Laurent and Catherine Graciet, two french reporters have been taken in by Morocco Police on charges of blackmailing the Moroccan King.

The French reporters-turned-authors had penned a book in 2012 on  King Mohammad VI. The book criticised the Moroccan King and pointed out disparity in money (read disproportionate assets) and questioned about the manyfold multiplication of fortunes since 1999, from the time the King sat on the throne.

Moroccan law prohibits criticism of throne King and has its own legal penalites. But the french authors laid a self made trap for themselves and walked into it while writing the 2nd volume of book scheduled to be published next year.

The reporters threatened the king of indecent financial disclosures in the sequel write and demanded 3.5 million dollars on a blackmail ‘damage control’ trade off.

Royal Palace tipped off Morocco police. A trap was laid, French authors were caught red-handed and taken into custody.

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