IS blows up Palmyra temple remnants at Syria

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palmyra templeDamascus, Syria : The Islamic State (IS) placed huge amounts of explosives in the Palmyra’s ancient temple of Baalshamin and blew it away causing severe damage to the temple’s ancient remains. The inner wall was destroyed, the cellas got grounded, and columns were shattered resulting in structures collapsing to the ground.

The temple was built more than 2000 years ago and was accredited to the Roman era architecture. It was dedicated to the Phoenician god of storms and fertilizing rains.The modern city of Palmyra – known locally as Tadmur – is located in a strategically important cross-junction on the road between the Syrian capital, Damascus, and the eastern city of Deir al-Zour.

 Syria and neighboring Iraq, which are under the grip and control of  IS have been facing such attacks since long. The Palmyra territory was captured by IS in the month of May and had caused concerns internationally over the fate of the heritage temple site which has been categorized by UNESCO as a site of “outstanding universal value”.

Fears came true as IS bombed the site and reduced it to damaged ruins.

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