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North Korea shoots words of ultimatum to South Korea

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North Korea's deputy representative to the United Nations, Ambassador An Myong Hun

North Korea’s deputy representative to the United Nations, Ambassador An Myong Hun

Seoul, South Korea: North Korea’s UN Ambassador An Myong Hun Friday spoke to media over the rising tensions between South and North Korea due to continued cross border propaganda broadcasts and without mincing words issued the ultimatum to its Southern neighbour that it would have to pay the price if it failed to stop psychological warfare and terminate all provocations.

The North Korean ambassador has warned of inevitable military actions and threatened the neighbor to stop provoking war, failing which North Korea will retaliate with inevitable and strong counteraction.

However, having a past record of innumerable futile threat earlier against South Korea, the southern counterpart has taken this threat differently. Situation got aggravated after 2 South Korean soldiers were wounded by landmines in the demilitarized zone in earlier this month, after which both sides had been exchanging fire. South says North has already moved their frontline large units into a wartime state and both sides are fully armed for any impromptu action.

On its side, South Korea resumed cross-border propaganda through loudspeakers after more than a decade last week. This has angered North Korea which demands the propaganda be stopped immediately. North Korea is strongly of the opinion that all this is leading to a situation where the countries are now inching closer to the brink of a war.

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