Road with benefits – PM gifts 1.25 lakh crore package to Bihar

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Modi in BIharArrah  (Bihar): On a scheduled visit to Arrah to inaugurate road projects in Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced a development package for the State amounting to a whopping sum of 1.25 lakh crore. This came in just just as Bihar readies itself to go to polls. 
Modi has made NDA’a intentions very clear by announcing this bonanza for Bihar and by trying to promote NDA’s development agenda for upcoming elections. As an attempt to counter the opposition buildup in Bihar’s electoral ambiance, Modi has played a master-stroke that would also take away the wind from the sail of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and caste-based politics as well as other caste-ridden political strongholds.
Modi put it in these words while speaking at the road inaugural function, which sounded more like an election rally address – “This package proves I am a man who delivers what he promises. We will make a sea change in Bihar. We have taken up the task to upgrade skills of crores of youth to create employment and stop migration. Skill development will change the face of this country like never before.”
Not missing out the opportunity visi-a-vis the upcoming elections, Modi made a blistering attack on the Bihar Chief Minister and underscored the pitiable state of affairs in Bihar. 
Modi took the UPA head on by lashing out against the previous Central government for having provided a small Rs. 12,000 crore package for this development-starved state.
Modi’s package is focussed on Make in India, Skill India, Start-up India and the most important voter of this state, the Agrarian farmer who, Modi emphasized, will benefit in multi ways from the flow of funds from the Centre.​

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