MOM sends spectacular images of Red Planet

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Red PlanetNew Delhi: Mangalyaan, India’s Mass Orbiter Mission (MOM), the nation’s first probe-of the Red Planet Mars, has sent down spectacular images of the Ophir Chasma terrain.
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has released new 3D images sent by MOM. The amazing gallery of images shows the capture from the stunning Martian canyon, the lead image having been captured over the Ophir Chasma Canyon (terrain) by Mars Colour Camera inbuilt on the Mars Orbiter Mission.
The image was captured on July 19, 2015 from an altitude of 1857 kilometers (1154 miles). It has with a resolution of 96 meters.Ophir Chasma is part of the largest canyon system in the solar system.
India’s launch of its Mars mission in September 2014 marked the first time a nation successfully sent a mission to the red planet on its first attempt.
The steep walled Ophir Chasma canyon contains many layers and the floors contain large deposits of layered materials, loosely indicating them to be sulfates.
Ophir Chasma is about 317 kilometers long and about 8 to 10 kilometers deep located near the center of Valles Marineris.Valles Marineris stretches over 4,000 km (2,500 mi) across the Red Planet,  is as much as 600 km wide and measures as much as 10 kilometers (6 mi) deep.
The latest images were snapped after the spacecraft exited the communications blackout encountered by all of Earth’s invasion fleet of Red Planet orbiters and rovers during the recent conjunction period when Mars was behind the sun during much of June.
ISRO also released a delightful new image of Gale Crater(landing site of NASA’s Curiosity rover) and the surrounding vicinity from an altitude of 9004 kilometers.


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