Let us rekindle the spirit of the Freedom Movement

Lalit Shastri

Indian TricolourIndependence Day is an occasion to salute the freedom fighters who sacrificed their all to free the nation from the yoke of bondage and slavery. While wishing a very happy Independence day one calls upon all to fight against the fake among the politicians who are bent upon treating the democratic institutions as a means to subvert and misuse the instruments  of governance to serve their narrow vested interests. A large section of our most deprived population is still servile and has not gone ahead of the ‘mai-bap’ culture. The politician-bureaucrat combine so shamelessly flaunts its might through each and every mean possible. The police most often terrorizes and misbehaves with the law abiding citizens while it bends backward and forward to serve the politicians and their cronies even when they break the law and indulge in criminal acts. In a scenario like this, it appears the  police and other enforcement authorities have spines made up of rubber. Even the judiciary has had its share of allegations. This Independence Day, it is time, when we swear and rededicate ourselves in the name of our valiant freedom fighters, to guard against those who are corrupt and isolate those who generate black money and squander national wealth by illegally expanding their perks of office. There Is already simmering discontent on this count. If we as a nation fail to address these issues, we are bound to be left far behind the other nations that have already started taking corrective and concrete steps to meet the present and long-term challenges.

Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on this Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi produced the potion for change when he asked all to rekindle the spirit of the Freedom Movement.

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