AAP Delhi Government announces compensation for ’84 riot victims

Newsroom24x7 Staff

KejriwalNew Delhi : The 1984 riots kindled the electoral promise-wagon off and on during elections, both at the State level as well as the Centre. The BJP government had promised and announced a 5-lakh rupee compensation for the 1984 Sikh riot victims Keeping up with the commitment, in October, 2014, the BJP-led central government had decided to give Rs 5 lakh each to kin of 3,325 victims of the 1984 riots. However, till date, the Centre is pending in its delivery.

On the other hand, the Kejriwal Aam Aadmi Party too had played the 84 riot victims compensation card during the same electoral event. Now, continuing from the earlier commitment made by the AAP government with reference to the 1984 riots, a new announcement has come into affect from the Delhi government today.

With the Centre yet to release financial assistance, the Delhi cabinet has decided that the state will release Rs 120 crore to give all riot-affected families the much-delayed compensation. Delhi Government has decided to pay the compensation of Rs 5 lakhs to victims of 1984 riots now from its own financial budget kitty.


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