Google does a Berkshire Hathway – India’s Sundar Pichai reaps the fruits !

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googleSan Francisco, USA : In a major revamp, Google has followed the precedence set by Warren Buffet for his Berkshire Hathway. Google Co-founder Larry Page referred to Warren Buffett’s massive empire which has a portfolio of disparate businesses that specialize in everything from real estate to innerwear, when in a last year’s interview to a leading paper Page mentioned how he aspired to be like Buffett  and oversee a group of semi-independent leaders building new businesses under the Google umbrella. Anticipating a platform of such structure wherein Google will get more management handle and would flourish well by running independent ventures inside one flagship, Google is creating a new publicly traded parent company called Alphabet Inc. to put together all of its disparate businesses.Alphabet will be run by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Google will become a subsidiary of Alphabet with a new CEO – top Google executive Sundar Pichai. Alphabet will be a conglomerate, or “collection” of companies, the largest of which is Google. But Google itself will be “slimmed down,” excluding companies that are not part of its core Internet business.Google will encompass the businesses that people typically associate with the brand, such as Android, Chrome, YouTube and Search.

Page has taken steps with the hiring of new Google Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat to be more transparent with investors and with Google being managed  by the new CEO, Page appears ready to turn his attention to the next wave of technologies that Google is exploring while leaving the online advertising business in the capable hands of Pichai.

Sundar Pichai 43, graduated from IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering, joined Google in 2004 and was part of the Google’s search toolbar team. He also associated himself with the likes of Google’s Chrome browser and Android. A self-made man, hailing from a very humble background, Pichai has done the country proud and received applaud from the nation.

Still not having been able to make a Google indigenously,, India has found its share of happiness with the fact that Google will now be headed by an Indian born Sundar Pichai. A great achievement for a humble person like Sundar Pichai, who is often referred as the walking Encyclopedia of Google products !


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