Mumbai Police and the Consent Clause For Indian Adults – stay in water but don’t get wet !

Indu Indira Lala

Moral policingDo you know how you can separate wetness from water with bare hands? Come to India and see moral police explore it just before the Independence Day !

It has started from the most happening city of India – Mumbai !
And for the most promising citizens of the country – the young adults !

The effort has begun from the offices of law and order – the Mumbai Police.

Life is simple – buy the best of smart phones, the latest tabs, the best notebook or lappy as you please, the smart TV, the best IT gadget in town…. government will provide free wifi, good Internet frequency, total globalisation of internet platforms at your fingertips. All adult sites at your perusal, all desi and firangi bits n bytes at your service. Choose your partner, fall in love, celebrate your courtship (sans valentines day if you can) and match your footsteps with the world. If you are an adult (read above 18), you get both the rights – the right to vote and the right to consensual sex.

Vote us in, bring us to power and we will throw open the red herring, the fine print, the dos and donts on right to consensual sex.

Case in point 
just before Independence Day, the Mumbai Police raids hotels in Madh and Marve past week, triggering the issue of consenting adults and their privacy. Police carried out raids in hotels, humiliated the couples and booked them for allegedly displaying indecent behaviour.

The 13 couples, all 26 adults in total, were fined under Section 110 (indecent behaviour in public) of the Bombay Police Act. Raids began at 4 am, couples were detained for 5 hours, collegians were asked to call their parents, each and every one was shamed for having executed the right to consensual adult behaviour, fine was imposed and then let off.

The crime
These young adults had given their REAL names, submitted REAL ID proof and booked rooms for their privacy with consenting adult partners.

What perplexed the victims, equally perplexed the young adults nationwide. What the Police tried to do was as weird as someone trying to hold water in bare hands while trying to avoid its wetness !

Are we really progressive? Or is it just a dumb charade ? The youth is moving ahead shedding all inhibitions and unnecessary veils of pretences. And the governance is becoming the speed breaker.

Should the lawmakers and self-styled moral policing agencies (government and others) start taking cognizance of it it ? Is it high time that they got this right – progressiveness is a packaged deal. It’s the sum of all forward-leading steps. It has to be viewed from an overall perspective. A stand alone approach won’t do any good.

Either do not call them adults (by giving them voting rights), or treat them as adults.

This Independence Day, moral policing should amend their moral-bluebook and lead the forward march.

Live and let live.


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  1. I agree with Indu. Mumbai, the most cosmpolitan Indian city has gradually over the last thirty years taken the garb of a small provincial town where you can expect to encounter things like what has just been brought out into the open. I will shock no one if I say that no one, not even parents have the right to interfere in the affairs of a son or daughter if she or he is a major. If all of those who were hauled up and made to pay a fine for something which is perfectly legal, ill-treated, humiliated, (was’nt somebody slapped by a female cop), we must all insist on the fines being reimbursed with a public apology by all the officers involved. Not only should they be suspended or even kicked out from a public service where their duty was to uphold the law and not to violate it, I should say that the victims should sue the government for damages for the trauma they have all faced. It would’nt be too much to consider that the home minister of the Maharashtra governement should be made to resign to take political responsibility for what took place. That would be a honourable thing to do……..


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