Protesters shout slogans at Nitish Kumar’s function in Delhi

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Nitish function-DelhiNew Delhi: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar faced embarrassing moments when a crowd barged in and started raising slogans against the prevailing law and order situation under his regime at the launch of the New Delhi chapter of Bihar Foundation in the Union Capital.

The Police swung into action, detained a few protesters and restored order.

Responding to this incident, senior Journalist Shitanshu Shekhar Shukla said: “The Bihar Development Dialogue has degenerated into a din. For this Nitish Kumar himself is to blame. Shukla went on to add that he was not surprised by slogans raised against Nitish Kumar today. Underscoring the adage, “A person who is too sharp often cuts his own fingers”, he said We deserve better than the likes of him.

According to Shukla, Titish’s attempt to polarise Bihar electorate today with a report on Bhagalpur riots will cause him more harm than good.

About the “much hyped Bihar Development Dialogue” that invites all and sundry to shoot off a query and gives the assurance of a reply from the CM, Shukla says that it is a huge disappointment. He goes on to add: “I left a few questions for Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to respond to. It has not yet been even acknowledged, much less answered. I shall wait.

Shitanshu Shekhar Shukla’s posers for Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar:

1. What is your reaction to Giriraj Singh’s response to your letter to PM Narendra Modi over your DNA?

2. What have you done since forging an alliance with RJD, Cong that you couldn’t have done with BJP as an ally in Bihar assembly?

3. What wrong do you see in PM Narendra Modi that you began to find merits in Lalu who not only almost destroyed your political career but left you with little option but to turn to the BJP?

4. What treatment did you mete out to your own mentor George Fernandes ? Is that all you could have done to help him?

5. What did you do to prevent the explosion of bomb planted to kill or hurt PM Narendra Modi in Gandhi Maidan at an election rally ?



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