Bangistan – steganography at its hilarious best !

Movie Review by
Indu Indira Lala
BangistanGenre – Satire / Comedy
Directed by – Karan Anshuman
Screenplay – Puneet Krishna, Sumit Purohit, Karan Anshuman
Cast – Ritesh Deshmukh, Pulkit Samrat,  Jacqueline Fernandez
Rating *** (can give 4 stars for 1st half)
America’s fanatic obsession with khanism (read terrorism) and it’s fallout has been hilariously portrayed in this satirical comedy. It highlights America and world’s preset notions about Islam as a whole.This movie forces you to lend your eyes and ears to each word uttered and demands non-blink vision to savour the visual steganographic fusion. The script and screenplay deserves special kudos (Osama bin Haath, I want you Al kaam Tamaam, Nuclear jobs are the best B-jobs, the Bull and Boar aka Holy Cow and Pork kin, the bombs and roses, the Imam Vs Shankracharya etc.)
Beautiful work of stegano mix, it’s a
recommended repeat watch of first half to absorb each word and scene frame after frame and  do justice to the meticulous detailing. 2nd half drags though.
A new modern day inhabitation named Bangistan is made of  two divided blocks – south block Hindu clan and North block Muslim clan. Where there is a bunker BPO of Bangistan full of Islamic guys with proxy names like Harold n Co., where Imam and Shankracharya Skype and  tweet each other aiming to end the enemosity of the usual suspects aka Hindu Vs Muslim. But the Al kaam Tamaam and Maa ki Dal has other plans. Skin deep in American products (Star *ucks, Fc Donald,  Fc chicken), the Muslim camp is frustrated by world’s attitude towards their community. So is the Hindu camp which is tired of Islam terrorism. Both camps select their best bet (boys Ritesh and Pulkit) and send them on a swappy Jihad mission to participate at the World Religions meet in Poland. Good work by actors with a special mention of Pulkit’s Praveen character – he.  almost tried  being a poor man’s Ranbir, Saanwariya ishtyle n nearly suceeded 8 on10.
Dragging second half makes it slightly dull, yet the tempo picks up by and by and leaves us amused.
A well made Satire, hilarious comedy  and perfectly handled stegano stuff.

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