Make in India Programme: CBEC profiling top 20 commodities to leverage Tariff Policy

Lalit Shastri

CBECThe Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) is going in for a 360 degree profiling of top 20 commodities in terms of valuation, duty rates – both with regard to manufacturing and imports to enable policy intervention and leveraging the Tariff Policy as a key component of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship “Make in India” Programme.

Special Secretary and Member CBEC Najib Shah, who is currently Chairman in-Charge of the Board, shot a DO letter to all Chief Commissioners, Director Generals and Principal Commissioners Excise and Customs on 5 August 2015 cautioning them against complacency and underscoring that close monitoring of tariff line-wise trends by each commissionerate is crucial for understanding the impact of change in tariffs and trends in revenue collection. Asking them to undertake a study of top-20 tariff lines, commodities and services for the 2014-15 fiscal and quarter ending 30 June this year to leverage the Tariff Policy keeping in view the Make in India Programme. The CBEC has set September 30 as the deadline for the Chief Commissioners to submit their reports.

CBEC will also focus attention on Government’s key mission of improving “ease of business”. To meet this objective, the commissionerate wise zonal heads of Excise and Customs have been asked to give a feedback from industry based on close interaction with leading services providers, manufactueres and importers. While a one time exercise to give a feedback by September 1 with regard to business process re-engineering will be undertaken immediately, the process of interaction with the tax payers will be an ongoing process.

To address public grievances and to provide improved access to the tax payers, a new Directorate of Tax Payers Services is also being created. It will be mandated to focus on taxpayer outreach, education, communication and would also act as a medium for the Board to respond to the taxpayers’ concerns.

Najib Shah has shared the concerns of the field formations on the HR and infrastructure related issues. Acknowledging that “there are a lot of vacancies at various levels, he has stated in his letter that necessary steps are being taken to fill these and also that proposals for enhancing infrastructural capacity have been sent to Director General HRD.

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