India is poised to become the world’s greatest country: Tarek Fatah

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Tarek Fatah, author of “The Hindu is Not My Enemy” CLICK FOR INTERVIEW
Tarek Fatah, author of “The Hindu is Not My Enemy” CLICK FOR INTERVIEW

Ottawa: A TV interview on India by Tarek Fatah, Pakistan born Canadian author of “The Hindu is Not My Enemy”, has gone viral on social networking platforms.

In his interview to the Canadian Tag TV, Tarek says with a definite punch that “India is poised to become the world’s greatest country.”

Rebuking the Pakistani mentality towards India, Tarek goes on to observe: “The Arabs don’t even spit at us but we go on naming our children after them.’ He quips – Why not Indian or Hindustani names as we did 100 years ago?
Tarek sounds prophetic when he proclaims that India is the future of Human Civilisation. Shaking Pakistan out of its obviously misplaced identity, Tarek asks: “How can you claim to be an Arab because the fact is you are Hindustani since you live on the Indus River.” In the same context, he goes on to add, “This Pakistan cannot understand till it breaks.


  1. Sir
    it’s a wonderful interview I have ever seen, I am very much impressed with your thoughts and wanted to follow your post regularly. Hope Indian will realize their mistakes they are doing and listen to your advices. Great


  2. Been a very very very long time since I have been so impressed with someone’s insight, intellect and deep socio-psychological understanding of Indians and Pakistanis!!!!

    All hard hitting bitter facts that are very well articulated and worth watching. I bet it will be worth every second of the 47 minutes you will spend rivetted to a Pakistan born man talking about India and Pakistan! An absolute must watch…..#respect for Sir Tarek Fatah


  3. Sounds interesting, but for a person like me who never believed in partition, who stills finds it difficult to accept this political reality I’m not sure about his knowledge about what is happening in India…today. I would like to understand what he means by greatest…. A UN report says that India will overtake China by the year 2022 to become the world’s most populous country…. But beyond this predictable achievement which speaks highly of the failure of our Family Planning programme…, there are dangerous trends which can burst the balloon of growth (greatness???) – a more agressive and repressive majoritarian governance can splinter the fragile unity of communities in the country and could lead to further splintering…… The reality of today needs to be changed if we are to have a glorious future. I want to be optimistic and I do want to believe in the greatness of our country which is still searching for its identity as a nation.


  4. This is general view of common man of India and Pakistan. The politicians of both the countries, irrespective of their political outfits, are solely responsible for tensions. They are doing it in their vested interest and to divert attention from the real issues. The orthodox of both the countries are being used as tools by the clever and crooked politicians.


    • Sorry to know that. Please try clicking the link once again. It is working perfect with thousands of visitors. Perhaps your internet speed is slow or the signal, if you are accessing through a smartphone, is weak.


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