Drishyam: A family that STAYS together and PLAYS together

Movie Review

By Indu Indira Lala

DrishyamGenre – Intrigue/Thriller

Director – Nishikant Kamat

Story – Jeetu Joseph (original Malyalam Award winning Movie)

Cast – Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Shriya Saran, Rajat Kapoor, Ishita Dutta

Rating ***

Based on a true story and adapted from the Malayalam Box office hit Drishyam, this remake is the story of a family that STAYS together and PLAYS together. When life presents them with an unwanted situation, this middle class family fights their fears, tides against the law of land and thrill the audience with intrigue, and suceed in keeping us under the illusionary power of the unknown till the last frame.
A movie that certainly justifies the genre of Intrigue more than that of Thriller and retains the Intrigue genre feel upto the last word by keeping a very different situational climax sheathed till the end.


A 4th class dropout Vijay (Ajay Devgn) runs a Cable TV network and has two passions in his life – Love for Cinemas and Dedication to his family, necessarily in THAT order. Having watched every cinema once, this simple guy has tuned his mind to live by every cinema, frame by frame. He thinks like cinema scenes, he reacts to situations cinema-mindedly and cinema situations run in his veins.
His family consists of his wife Nandini (Shriya) and two daughters. When his elder daughter scoops out a couple of hundreds from him to attend a Nature Camp, a strange unwanted nuisance (read boy) attaches onto her life. In a speedy encounter of events, circumstances render the nasty brat (boy) missing. An only child, a spoil brat of IGP Meera (Tabu), the missing boy sets the Police Force on their toes and Tabu’s no-nonsense police record makes the investigation crisp and fast.

Dots keep on getting connected, leading IGP Meera’s clues directly towards the Salgaonkar family (Vijay and Co). The Chase would Hardly let any James relax, and so does the audience charge up (read you and me) restlessly moving the fingers over the recliner push button, sometimes raising the footrest of the recliner, and after few minutes folding it back and couching on the edge of the recliner, pondering what’s coming next !

By and by police decode the ‘mystery of the missing boy’ and call it an illiterate man’s masterstroke game plan. With great sweat n smashing, finally Lady Cop Meera succeeds in nabbing the culprits and closes in, to the boy and his whereabouts, and we almost begin to pack our smart phones into our pockets or zip bags, thinking ‘Case Solved’ but…….then……..the super intriguing climax stumps us with its surprise and elan. And the story hasn’t ended yet ! The more we reach near the finish line, the more intriguing it gets….and the end is worth the wait !

An unpredictable climax welcomes us and lingers on till the end.

Not a high octane action packed thriller, yet a very well made simple Intrigue genre movie, keeping us hooked the end.
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