Sunil Agrawal appointed as Assistant Director General UID Authority

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New Delhi: Sunil Agrawal has been appointed as Assistant Director General (Director level) in the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Mumbai, under the NITI Ayog for a period of 5 years, under deputation from Ministry of Defence.

Government of India has also issued transfer and posting orders for a few more officers this week. The detailed list is as follows:

S.No. Order No. & Date Concerned Officer(s) Details View
1. 7/7/2015-EO(MM.I)
Sunil Agrawal, Indian Defence Service of Engineers, 1985 Click here
2. 5/1/2014-EO(MM.II)
Pradeep Kumar Ray Click here
3. 7/6/2015-EO(MM.I)
Dilip Goyal, Indian Revenue Service (C&CE), 1998 Click here
4. 26/3/2015-EO(MM.I)
Rehman Abdul Syed, Indian Railway Traffic Service, 2001 Click here
5. 6/16/2015-EO(SM-I)
Rajiv jain, Indian Police Service, JH, 1980 Click here
6. 37/16/2012-EO(SM-I)
Asangba Chuba AO, Indian Administrative Service, BH, 2003 Click here
7. 23/3/2011-EO(MM.I)
Harihar Mishra, Indian Defence Accounts Service, 1998 Click here
8. 11/2/2015-EO(MM.I)
Dhiraj Singh, Indian Information Service, 1995 Click here
9. 23/8/2011-EO(MM.I)
Ravi Sinha, Indian Defence Service of Engineers, 1984 Click here


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