Australia today – Booster dose for Skills Service Organizations

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australia educationAustralia: Assistant Minister for Education and Training Senator Simon Birmingham enthused that a new, industry-friendly government support for delivering job-relevant training products has been crafted out by Education department of Australian government.

“The Abbott Government is introducing a new model of training product development to ensure that training standards are based on the skills needed for real jobs in the Australian workplace of both today and tomorrow,” Senator Birmingham said.

Expressions of interest are being invited from organizations involved in rendering skill development services and training. The key point is that Skills service organizations will provide a range of independent, professional enabling activities to support industry reference committees to review and develop training products, including training packages.

Australian Education department will shortlist potential applicants and conduct series of information workshops and a podcast will also be made available for interested applicants unable to be present in person.

The online application registration system will be thrown open from 27th July to 24th August 2015, both days inclusive. Interested applicants can visit the Education department of Australian government and register online.

Senator Birmingham said that industry is best placed to decide the skill levels needed in the workplace and when and how training packages are developed and updated for the current and future workers requirements for their relevant sector. He added that widespread consultations about the way training products are currently developed and delivered, supported the key role of industry leadership and raised concerns about training packages being changed ‘for change’s sake’, rather than in response to industry priorities.

From 1 January 2016, skills service organizations will be independent bodies funded by the Australian Government to support industry reference committees to review and develop training products for the vocational education and training (VET) system. New arrangements have been put in place to ensure a smooth transition from current Industry Skills’ Councils to Skills’ service organizations.

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