Vigilance Unit visits Police stations

Newsroom24x7 Desk

delhi police5New Delhi : An age-old routine task of Vigilance department’s surprise visit into Police stations was executed recently. Since September’14, some stricter norms have been designed by Vigilance to ensure object-oriented purposeful checking schedule. Working on a monthly scheme of vigil check, the Special Commissioner of Police, Vigilance and Inspectors of Vigilance Unit identify defaulting police personnel over any act of erroneous actions and behavior.

The activity is centered around themes like response to FIR cases, behavioral patterns while handling the complainant’s plea, reaching out with a humane touch in matters of kidnap or missing people, sensitivity in women-related fragile socio-emotional issues like rape, molestation and dignity of the lady complainant, prompt investigation in motor vehicles theft cases (with time,flees the thief too!) and a mature compassionate handling of POCSO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) cases.

At a rate of approx. 50 Police stations a month, Vigilance unit has recently identified 28 Police Personnel and shortlisted their names under several acts of negligence, commission and omission. Disciplinary action has been recommended against these persons and it has been forwarded to the concerned district Deputy Commissioners of Police.


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